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“I have been a HHA for 4 years and have worked at JSP for 3 years. I have no complaints regarding my time here. The staff I work with are all excellent people. Everyone always treats me well.”

“ During these years I have had some difficult cases but I have been able to manage with the training and support I receive. ”

Being an aide is very rewarding. Most of my patients have been elderly people who live alone and have no one. In many cases you become like their family. As one of my ladies use to say… “You are the only family I have”

“I would recommend JSP to anyone who needs their services. Even as an employee, they are great to work with. I even brought in my 2 sisters to work for this agency.”

- Miriam

“My family has relied on JSP’s services for more than five years now. They have helped us deal with our grandmother’s heart illness and diabetes by providing loving, caring and dedicated people to shoulder some of the hard work that is entailed when you have a sick and fragile elderly person at home. We were a bit skeptical about allowing a stranger into our home but the staff at JSP helped us by choosing the right aide for our families needs. We as a family are extremely grateful to have someone we trust taking care of our grandmother. We will be forever thankful to JSP.”

- Kirsis Lopez

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