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About Us

Professional competence, leadership and integrity are just a few of the requirements for anyone who functions in the home health care arena. At JSP Life Agency, we employ just the right people who can take care of you. They possess the positive qualities that are required in home health care.

That is why we are proud to give our Utmost care and guidance to our patients who are in need of close care assistance. JSP Life Agency consists of people who highly possess not only professionalism, but also personal qualities and people skills that certainly make a difference in the lives of our patients.

They are rigorously trained and undergo thorough medical and educational training, practice, evaluation and research where physical, mental and emotional strength is tested and manifested. These professionals value mutual trust, confidence and interpersonal skills so that they can be able to handle things effectively and efficiently under pressure. Thus, they render their utmost selfless dedication in demonstrating caring attitudes towards their patients. We guarantee the highest quality of standards as we acknowledge our dedicated, flexible and honest workforce involve in our program management.

To learn more about JSP Life Agency, you may contact us to 718-944-4705 for further inquiries and other related information about our home health care services that assist your needs.

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